CHE MARE (What a sea)!

We are people who love the enchanting places in and around Marina di Pulsano, to the point of investing in a project that can facilitate tourists to discover not only our naturalistic and artistic treasures but also our best food and wine. In line with the beauty of the places, we are also committed to providing and suggesting beautiful homes, comfortable and equipped with the best services.
We looked for a name that could convey in two words the amazement and charm that we feel every time we look at this beautiful sea. The same amazement is renewed when you change beach, from the largest to the smallest cove, when the colors and sounds change at different times of the day, in the morning, at midday and at sunset. Even after the rain, or in the other seasons, everything changes surprisingly.
It is like a painting that continually renews its colors, it becomes always different, always more beautiful and never ends to enchant.


In addition to the most beautiful beaches in Italy, there are many places to visit all year round. To discover these extraordinary places we thought that the best way is to travel without the constraints and schedules imposed by organized tours. Not having these constraints is essential for people seeking relaxation, freedom, leisure or the right tranquility to recharge their energy and their spirit.
Reaching a deserted beach by yourself in the early morning or cycling through small country roads, among olive trees, farms and fields in bloom offers unique scenarios and scents, those typical of Salento, especially for people who come from chaotic cities.


The main purpose of this project is to collect, in a virtual space, useful reccomendations to autonomously reach these places (through the use of smartphones and maps). For this reason we have built a guide on this website that can become a virtual tourist consultant always at hand. In addition to geolocation we provide images and useful information to allow you to choose in the best way what to do and where to go in the limited time of a holiday. To increase the offer, we will provide useful indications of the main services offered by the territory (restaurants, bars, shops, pharmacies, bicycle renters, shuttle services etc …) and also a selection of the best places to sleep and relax (e.g., villas, B&B).