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You can eat excellent grilled meat with a high quality-price ratio in Pulsano. Our Bombette (typical grilled meat stuffed with cheese), livers and sausage are very typical and tasty.

Il Re della Brace (the king of barbeque)

In the historic center of Pulsano, about 3km from our structure, we find one of the best in the area. It has a high quality price ratio, and it is possible to eat a lot of excellent grilled meat and spend less than 20 euros per person. After choosing the table with the waiter, you can access the inside, wait for your turn and choose your favorite types of meat (usually 400g per person) that are then served at the table with the side dishes.

Da zio Angelo

As an alternative to the Re della Brace, we suggest the nearest Da zio Angelo (you can get there on foot), which is almost opposite El Cohiba ’59. Since it is possible to buy meat, both raw and cooked (take-away), it might be a good idea to take it home for an ember or for a last-minute dinner.