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Le Canne beach (El Cohiba ’59)

The first beach of our itinerary, about 500 meters from our villa, is Le Canne beach (among the sand dunes grow the characteristic wild reeds). It is a beach of extraordinary beauty, especially during the months of June, September and October. For the presence of the El Cohiba ’59 private lido, it is now known as “Cohiba Beach”. There are: ice cream, restaurant, self service, pizzeria, pub, tobacconist, canoe rental, skates. The beach also has two public parts, on the sides, which we suggestduring the closure of the bathing establishment or, in the evening, for a walk or a night swim on warm summer evenings. In the public parts, we ask the swimmers to bring with them a little bag of waste (even for the cigarette-ends), thanks!

La Fontana beach (Capitan Morgan)

The second beach of our itinerary is the Fontana Beach, today also known as Spiaggia del Gabbiano, due to its proximity to the well-known hotel Il Gabbiano. The beach is not very large but is divided into two small sandstones, with some rocks in the central part. It has a small and nice Capitan Morgan lido. In the evening it is possible to admire the Spiaggia delle Canne with the lights of the coast that are reflected in the water.

Montedarena beach

The third beach of our itinerary is the Montedarena beach.
It has a small lido, run by the owners of the renovated Hotel Sud. Nearby there is an El Caribe ice cream parlor (beautiful at sunset for an ice cream or a very romantic cockatil). This beach in high season is very crowded because it enjoys a very large public part, so we suggest it only in the early morning or afternoon, for a romantic bath in front of the setting sun.

Montedarena secondary beach

For those looking for a little privacy and clean water, you can access a small bay surrounded by rocks (on the right of Montedarena, looking at the sea). The best access is from Viale dei Satiri, located on the promontory reached by a small road on the left of the Cohiba. This bay is special for cleaning the water and for the presence of sand on the seabed. We recommend that you bring a beach lounger to sit on the rocks and, above all, the shoes for rocks. On the promontory it is also possible to park the car.

Villa Verde beach

This beach is not very visible from the coast road, it is in front of the Il Girasole restaurant. It does not have much sand, even if a small sandstone forms for a few days at low tide. In the seabed there is sand and rocks, the particular inlet gives the water really special colors, with nuances ranging from intense blue to emerald green. It is never very busy, it is convenient to go there with shoes for rocks and a beach lounger.

Costa Azzurra beach

This beach is totally free, so we recommend avoiding busy hours during the high season. When it is not crowded it is very nice and collected. It is located in front of a nice hotel and restaurant “Costa Azzurra”.

Baia Serrone beach (Lo Scoglio)

This very pretty beach has landings on rocks and sand. On the left, being free, it is a bit crowded in high season. On the cliff to the right is the small lido of Serrone Bay, cheaper than the others and less crowded. It’s fine and also has a bar and basic services.

Lido Silvana beach (Fatamorgana Lido)

Beautiful beach with the well-known Fatamorgana lido. It’s one of the best equipped lido but it’s very expensive. It has a restaurant and a bar. On the right side there are some free parts very popular with the boys which we suggest you if the private beach is closed. On the left (seeing the sea) there is still a military beach and, towards the promontory, a free beach that is very suggestive, especially in the early morning and at sunset. The sand is fine and white, the colors of the water range from turquoise to emerald green. The promontory is a very important archaeological site and, a few meters below the water, there are some relics from the Roman era and probably treasures of ancient boats buried by sand. That stretch of coast was in fact one of the oldest trade routes of Magna Graecia, but the greatest treasure is that which nature continues to give us with a simple glance.

La Baia del Pescatore bay

Beautiful and picturesque small bay, with rocks and a golden sandy beach. The small moored boats make it one of the most picturesque places on the Ionian Sea. On the left side there is a very nice bar, which on summer evenings becomes a place place suitable for everyone, to drink a cocktail or a simple beer (recommended).