Handmade ceramics

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After a warm day at sea, in the less hot hours of the afternoon, one of the most interesting things to do is visit the craft shops of Grottaglie (23 km from Pulsano, 25 minutes by car). Grottaglie is one of the most important Italian ceramic poles. Some of its most important artisans offer products that fit all styles (rustic, classic and modern).
In the heart of this quaint town, an entire district of expert ceramists has been formed over the centuries. Over time they have created laboratories and cooking ovens in underground caves used in the past as oil mills and have been able to develop a flourishing craft business now recognized and appreciated all over the world.
To date, Grottaglie, with its many potters’ shops, is the only Pugliese ceramic center protected by the D.O.C. trademark. and inserted in the restricted list of the 28 cities of Italian ceramics. (rif: http://www.grottaglieturismo.it/it/le-chiese-larte-e-i-monumenti/il-quartiere-delle-ceramiche/).

To take a walk in the ceramics district, we recommend leaving the car at the entrance of Via Francesco Crispi street, in the Largo dell’Accoglienza car park. Going up the street on foot, on the left there are some smaller (cheaper) shops. A few meters higher we begin to find more important ceramists such as Galeone and Fornaro (at number 43, we recommend visiting the extraordinary shop built in the ancient oil mill). Even higher up we find even more famous ceramists, in particular the refined Enza Fasano shop (Via Caravaggio street) and the more traditional one by Nicola Fasano (known all over the world), located in Via Crispi street n.6, also built in a very ancient and spectacular oil mill.