Wine itineraries

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Varvaglione-1921 winery

Let’s start with the closest and most interesting winery, which has inherited the best winemaking tradition of our Salento for three generations. In addition to the excellent quality bulk wines, the winery boasts a prestigious wine list that has won numerous awards and recognitions. To buy bulk wines and valuable bottles, even in promotion, just go to the store located inside the Cantina Sociale old winery (just over a mile from our structure). Beware that near there is also the shop of the iini of Lizzano, but those recommended by us are the Varvaglione-1921 wines.

You can also visit the Varvaglione-1921 winery located in Leporano, in via Santa Lucia S.n.c (see map below), but first you need to make an appointment at the following link: