Free beaches for night baths

To reach the places with a smartphone with active GPS, click inside the maps on “View larger map” and then on “Directions”

If you want to take a bath at night, we suggest you bring shoes for rocks to keep at your feet during the bath because you can hit the rocks underwater, not visible in the dark.
The first beaches are those closest to the villa and you can go there on foot, for others you need to take the car, equipped with flashlights.

Le Canne beach

For a night swim we recommend the free side parts of the Le Canne beach. The one on the left, near the wooden little bar, is the safest because it is near by passing areas and you can leave your car in the adjacent parking lot, even if you can go there on foot.

Montedarena beach

The beach of Montedarena is also very safe for a night swim because it is sufficiently illuminated by the lights of the nearby coast.

Baia Serrone – Lo Scoglio beach

For a night swim we recommend the part of sand on the left that extends to even find some privacy. It is not very far from the nearby coastal road and is medium safe.

Lo striscione beach – Marina di Lizzano

For the more adventurous there is Lo Striscione (in Marina di Lizzano), about 9km from the Marina di Pulsano. Being very wild, without lighting and far from population centers, we recommend “strongly” to go there in groups. In this case it is better to bring torches with them, even if with the full moon it may not be necessary. The map indicates the nearest point to the population centers, where to leave the car. If the car park is not guarded, insert the anti-theft of your car (better if mechanical), trying to keep the car always in sight.