Olive oil itineraries

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Cantina ed Oleificio Sociale tra produttori agricoli di Pulsano (winery and oil mill of the Pulsano agricultural producers)

The winery, built in the early sixties, today has about 700 members, has as its purpose the processing, processing and marketing mainly of products obtained from grapes or olives.
We recommend this winery for the purchase of extra virgin olive oil. We recommend the practical one-liter plastic bottles to tourists.

Oleario Savese oil mill (in Sava – 24km from Pulsano)

In 2007, among the centuries-old olive groves, was born the FRANTOIO OLEARIO SAVESE oil mill that combines experience and tradition, to offer an oil that is the result of passion for the earth, nature, genuineness and simplicity (http://www.frantoiosavese.it).
Taking advantage of an out-door in Sava it is possible to visit the oil hypogeum museum:http://www.museodelloliosava.it