Bike itineraries

To reach the places with a smartphone with active GPS, click inside the maps on “View larger map” and then on “Directions”

Walking routes can also be biking routes. We recommend that you bring your smartphone with the charged battery and a handlebar holder.
Near the structure you can also access the Canale Trigna cycle path that leads to the sea (on the left) or to Pulsano (on the right). On Google Maps this new cycle path is not yet reported.

Itinerary towards Lido Silvana, passing through the SP 121

When you reach the cycle path, turning right and going towards Pulsano, after about 500 meters, you will find Via Cormoni on the right. After crossing the two intersections with traffic lights and turning right, you can return to the sea, along the Strada Provinciale 121 road and then continue towards Lido Silvana (pay attention to the cars).

Itinerary towards the ancient Roman Aqueduct

This itinerary is safer than the previous one because it is possible to follow it by passing through little country roads. The ancient Roman aqueduct is located in a street traced on Google Maps as Campomarino Taranto (cross of Via Lupara). The direction to follow is towards the pizzeria and dance hall “Il Colorado” (see in the picture below the brown sign highlighted in orange).